Astra Conference 2023 – The Tools of the Art with Dr. Luis Ribeiro

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The Tools of the Art (of Astrology) – New Perspectives on the History of Astrological Doctrines and Practises – was the first academic meeting organised by the ASTRA Project – 6. bis 7. Mai 2023. – The adAstra Project Channel –

Several scholars gathered to debate the state of research on the historical study of astrological techniques and discuss new lines of study.

The conference was sponsored by the Monastery of Batalha –

in collaboration with the Astra projecthttps://theastraproject.org – with the support of CIHUCT, University of Lisbon (FCT – UIDB/00286/2020), the Batalha MunicipalityCEPAE – Centro do Património da Estremadura, and M. Moleiro Editor.

Astra is an international, multidisciplinary project for the study of the history of western astrological doctrines, techniques, and practices from antiquity to the early modern period. The project is housed in CIUHCT (Interuniversitary Centre for the History of Science and Technology), University of Lisbon, and its developed in partnership with The Warburg Institute, University of London and the IKGF – The International Consortium for Research in the Humanities, University Erlangen- Nuremberg. –


Jean-Patrice Boudet · Université d’Orléan
Steven Vanden Broecke · Ghent University
Charles Burnett · The Warburg Institute
Martin Gansten · Lunds Universitet
Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum · University of Wales Trinity St David
Stephan Heilen · Universität Osnabrück
David Juste · Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Jeffrey Kotyk · Università di Bologna
Levente László · Eötvös University
Günther Oestmann · Technische Universität Berlin
Luís Campos Ribeiro · University of Lisbon
Petra G. Schmidl · University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

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David Juste – Horoscopes and their judgements with David Juste – – Skills and Sources for the History of Astrology with David Juste – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: The Ruling Planet (Almuten) in the Latin Tradition.

Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum – Historical Research on the Lots – – Unveiling the Hidden – Anticipating the Future with Josefina Rodriguez Arribas & Dorian G. Greenbaum – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: The Origins of Questions in Astrology.

Charles Burnett – Researching the History of Astrology – – On Astrology, Talismans & Images with Charles Burnett – – Helena Avelar’s ‚An Astrologer at Work‘ – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: The name of the thief. An astrological practice which involves philology and calculation.

Jeffrey Kotyk – Islamicate and Chinese astral iconography – – Science & Astrology in China and Japan with Jeffrey Kotyk – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: A Buddhist Astrologer and Monk in the Twelfth Century: Reading a Japanese Horoscope.

Petra Schmidl – A Book of Knowledge from 13th Century Yemen – – A Thirteenth century Yemeni manuscript with Petra G. Schmidl – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: Playing Chess or Planting a Tree? Elections in al-Ashraf ˁUmar’s Kitāb al-Tabṣira fī ˁilm al-nujūm.

Levente László – Transmission of texts and example horoscopes – – Translating Ancient Greek Astrological Texts – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: Some Astrological Practices in Light of the Horoscopes of the Emperor Zeno’s Anonymous Astrologer.

Jean-Patrice Boudet – Researching astrology in Medieval France – – Collected Works on the History of Astrology – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: The Astrology of Nativities in Richard de Fournival’s Nativitas and in the Speculum astronomiae.

Steven Vanden Broecke – 1st Astra Project Workshop – 05 – Astrology as technology of Self – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: What Was an Astrological Practice?

Günther Oestmann – Johann Wilhelm Pfaff’s „Astrologie“ (1816) – – Horoscopes and practices of David Fabricius – – Heinrich Rantzau and the Power of the Stars by Günther Oestmann – SHA – 24 MAR 2022 – – Peter Schiller (1947-2013): Astrology and Art – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: Ignorance, Pitfalls and Scribal Errors: On the Proper Assessment of Historical Horoscopes of the Early Modern Period.

Dr. Luis Ribeiro  – Traditional Astrology in Portugal and History of Astrology – – Luis Ribeiro on History vs. Practice in Traditional Astrology – – House Division Calculations in Astrology Explained – – Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro on Traditional Astrology – – The Life and Work of Astrologer Helena Avelar – – Helena Avelar’s ‚An Astrologer at Work‘ – – Filmliste – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: Astrology by Numbers: Early Modern Quantification of Planetary Influence.

Stephan Heilen – Astrological Practices: Hellenistic & Early Modern with Stephan Heilen (Part 1) – – Book: Conjunction Predictions in the Early Modern Period by Stephan Heilen (Part 2) – – 1st Astra Project Workshop – 06 Stephan Heilen – Michael Polanyi’s concept of “tacit knowing” – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: John of Lübeck’s Antichrist-prediction (1474). A Unique Astrological Practice.

Martin Gansten – Astrological traditions in Indic context – – Book: The Jewel of Annual Astrology edited by Martin Gansten – – Back to the Future: Converse Directions in the History of Astrology by Martin Gansten – SHA 27 Jan 22 – – „The Tools of the Art  Lecture“: The Place of Practice in the Historical Study of Horoscopy.

Extra: Kocku von Stuckrad – Astrology in Cultural & Historical Context –

Academy of Traditional Astrology –